People of the Infinite Fires

People of the Infinite Fires (2017), directed by Oren Goldenberg produced by Cass Corridor Films. Capturing the five-day ritual held at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History during the 50th Anniversary of Detroit's 1967 Rebelllion, this film features curated and spontaneous performances by: Sterling Toles, Billy Mark, Jennifer Harge, Chace Morris & Sherina Rodriguez, the Aadizookan and James Cornish. People of the Infinite Fires (2017), a project of Art as Ritual made possible through the generous support from the Erb Family Foundation. Art as Ritual is a Detroit-based collaborative project on contemporary art and performative practice, created by the Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. (Rector of Christ Church Cranbrook) and Oren Goldenberg. The video was edited by Maha Bazzy, and shot by Justin Ivory, Zach Takenaga and David Brooks.